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Includes 1 Ticket, 1 Hot Dog and 1 Beer/Soda

Average Price Per Ticket*

Plaza Goal Upper West $96.00
Plaza Goal Upper East $85.00
Club Silver $100.00
Terrace Lower West $67.00
Terrace Lower East $58.00
Terrace Center $47.00
Terrace Main West $46.00
Terrace Main East $45.00
Terrace Center Upper $42.00
Terrace Goal West  $40.00
Terrace Goal East  $40.00
Terrace Value West $35.00
Terrace Value East $35.00
Click here for a seating map

* Prices may vary depending on game chosen. Minimum two seats required per order.

Please call 877-WILD WING to inquire about further discounts

For more information, call 877-WILD-WING or email tickets@anaheimducks.com.