Season Ticket Partner Board

The Season Ticket Partner board makes it easier than ever to share your tickets with current partners as well as find new partners to share a season plan.

Are You Looking For New Partners?

For Season Ticket Holders looking for partners to share their season seats, the Matcher service provides you with an easy way to find new partners. By posting your ticket information (including number of games, seats, and price), potential partners can search and find your group based on that criteria. In addition to finding partners on this site, you can also easily invite friends, family and colleagues to join your group. With just a couple of clicks, you can let all your friends know that you want to share Ducks Season Tickets!

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Do You Currently Share Season Tickets?

We are aware that it can be time-consuming to select and distribute tickets among your group. For this reason, our Draft Manager provides our Season Ticket Holders with a system to rank and draft individual games. Save time and enjoy an online draft!

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